Dear Author,

We continuously seek talents in order to publish new games.

Are you developing a project you consider special and innovative? Did you invent any game mechanics which look revolutionary? Do you feel to have in your hands the idea for the game of the century which will eventually bring you fame and wealth? Or do you simply have a good idea?

Talk with us.

We mainly seek board games and card games both for families and expert players use, but prefer not to limit the creativity of authors.

If you want to send some materials, send an e-mail to with:

  • A copy of game rules with images
  • Description of the game and its setting
  • Victory terms
  • Average play time
  • Number of players
  • Recommended age
  • Target audience and degree of difficulty

If it will look interesting to us, we shall then ask you to send a demo. A requisite which is rather important in order to establish a stable cooperation from the very beginning is that, when you submit your game to us we are the only ones to have it under examination for the whole period which will be necessary to evaluate it. We reply rather quickly (depending on the amount of time we have available), so you need very little patience. In case you presented the game to others as well, we need to know it when you submit it.