Are you ready to lead your people to establish the dominant civilization of the “Fertile Crescent”, the land of Mesopotamia?

In ancient times, these vast and fertile lowlands became a theatre where the destinies of populations, aspiring to settle in the richest and most advantageous locations, were played out.

Over the centuries, through wise leadership and shrewd management of resources, some of these societies thrived and eventually flourished. The more successful civilizations proved their dominance and splendour with the construction of magnificent cities, such as Ur, as well as the massive and mystical ziggurats.

Just like the ancient kings of Mesopotamia, you must strive to earn the greatest prestige by successfully balancing the basic aspects of agriculture, trade, culture, politics, and eventually war, until the coveted construction of five ziggurats can be completed.

Shrewdly place your tiles on the game board; by so doing you will be able to plan also your future strategy for the remainder of the game. But beware: a wise ruler knows well that the eagerness to build the Ziggurats too early, or the impatient conquest of too many similar territories, could ultimately result in defeat!

The intrinsic speed of the game, the simple rules, an appealing graphical presentation, and a depth created by innumerable strategic possibilities makes UR a gaming experience that you will want try again and again!

By Paolo Mori