Reef Encounter

Just imagine, underwater, down in the ocean, coral reefs are full of life, with plenty of minute, colorful marine animals slipping away in all directions. A paradise? Definitely not! You will experience on your skin that this is, instead, a perpetual battleground where only the strongest survive. Coral reef life is in fact much more complex than it seems. Will you be ready to fight for survival?

In Reef Encounter Players compete to grow the largest and strongest corals on the reef, paying attention to the hierarchy of strengths among the different coral families. Here dominants species gain space at the cost of weak ones! The player must defend his corals by placing Shrimps on top to protect them and at the same time catch the right moment to devour everything else with his own Parrot Fish. Beware, however, that the final score will be composed not only by the eaten coral amount but also by the actual corals hierarchy, which can be altered by the wise use of Alga cylinders.

Reef Encounter is a clever and structured Strategy Game which will not fail to stimulate the enthusiasm of even the most expert gamer: this is because of the virtually non-existent "chance" component and because of the possibility to carefully plan very different tactics to reach the victory.

By Richard Breese