Ghost for Sale

Buying castles in Scotland can turn out to be an excellent business venture, especially when you can attract tourists with their most notorious feature.

That would be their natural beauty and charm, correct?

Oh no, no, we're talking about scary ghost infestations!!!

Players in Ghost for Sale take on the role of rather eccentric investors, competing in auctions to purchase various castles and manors. Hopefully, your purchases will not be haunted by too many ghastly spectres! While a castle without ghosts may be boring to guests and useless to the buyer, one which is"populated" will end up terrorizing tourists and being valueless, ruining your investment!

Each player, after having seen the various castles, can declare what they have seen inside: were there gloomy presences or only old and dusty family portraits?

But beware, not all declarations are reliable: some players, perhaps all of them, could be less than truthful. Cue Mrs. Truelight, who can help you find out if the other players are telling the truth...but only if you will pay her enough!

Ghost for Sale is a clever deduction game with a subtle bluffing component, for 3 to 5 players. It is suitable for all ages, but still has enough strategy to satisfy even the most experienced gamers. Included with the game is a separate set of 8 special cards to be used in "special auctions" under the advanced rules. These cards may be randomly mixed with the other castles and manors, guaranteeing rounds which are always exciting and different.

By Acchitocca