Fairy Tale

Ancient and wise Dragons, sweet Fairies, dreadful Vampires, brave Knights! All the ingredients for a great Fairy Tale are there; can you use them to tell the story?

A preliminary game phase involves a few card exchanges with the other players, during which you must build your hand and try to deduce your opponents’ status. Afterwards, the real confrontation follows, where you must try to play the best card combinations to gain the maximum bonuses depicted on the cards.

To achieve the victory, you must make crucial choices from many options: do you force your opponents to lose their most useful cards, or concentrate on improving your own situation? Try and achieve the highest (and most risky) bonuses, or be happy with the lowest (but safest) bonuses? Also, beware of some side effects: at the end of the game, only the cards facing up will be used in calculating scores.

Fairy Tale is a very quick and involving game which centers around a very simple mechanism, but also creates countless opportunities for clever, tactical card play. Only the player who best uses these tactical options will achieve victory.

One thing is for certain: you will not be easily satisfied with one match only! Some cards are necessary or need other cards to satisfy a condition or to gain variable points. In order to recognize them easily, those cards have a reference number of the same colour of the category each card belongs to.

By Satoshi Nakamura