Big Manitou

Fierce Indian tribes confront one another in the vast North American plains, each striving to gain access to the rich hunting territories that are crucial to their survival. To succeed, a tribe will need to draw from their two most valuable resources: the strength of their young warriors, and the wisdom of the old chieftains.

In Big Manitou, players try to acquire trophies gathered from the various hunting grounds through tactical card play that best fits their carefully planned strategies. Warriors with different scores try to dominate one another, while the old chieftains eliminate their competitors until one only remains to claim the booty for his tribe.

Pay close attention to the choice of trophies: often it will be difficult to decide between easy, quick points or rarer ones for longer term help on subsequent hunts!

Big Manitou is a simple, easy to learn placement game, and is appropriate for the entire family. It won't fail to surprise you, thanks to its original mechanics of majorities and bonus sharing.

By Günter Burkhardt