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Contact addresses

Questions, comments, suggestions about our games can be addressed to:

Requests about how to buy our games can be addressed to:

If you would like to submit a game, please refer to the "Your Game" page and write to us an email to:

Distributors can address their inquiries to:

Shops can address their inquiries to:

Requests for missing pieces can be addressed to:

Please note that we can provide replacement for damaged boxes only if the game was purchased from our website, and only if the following procedure is applied.

If the goods are delivered by the carrier showing obvious damage, you have to, on receipt of the goods or immediately thereafter, communicate to the carrier a reservation in writing, specifying the nature of the damage.
If (regardless of the fact that the damage was or not externally visible), when opening the parcel you find out that the game is damaged, you can ask us to provide appropriate replacement for the damaged parts by writing us an email at within 5 days of acceptance of the goods, specifying the nature of the damage, and attaching pictures of the damaged components, of the outer carton, and of the filling materials. Keep the whole packaging (product, outer carton, and filling materials) until the claim is settled. Please note, you may be asked to take them to the forwarder's office for inspection later.

For any other info, please write to us at:

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