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Railroad Evolution

Railroad Evolution is an expansion for Railroad Revolution.

Welcome back to Railroad Revolution!

New opportunities are calling, giving you another way for you to enjoy the game. The Railroad has evolved.

Railroad Evolution changes the gameplay and introduces different strategies for players to discover.

This expansion set includes a new game board and features:

  • A different scoring system for Telegraph connections.
  • Wagons and Tenders which connect to your trains in order to make them more powerful.
  • A new customisable “Performance” scoring system, including player board extensions.

The train is leaving the station. All aboard!

By Marco Canetta & Stefania Niccolini, illustrated by Mariano Iannelli, 2019

Loot Island

1640 A.D. — a ghastly curse befell a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Soon, it was known that its dark magic would not only afflict whoever tried to take away anything from the island, but also haunt whoever even dared approach its coasts, making it the perfect location for pirates to hide their loot.

1902 A.D. — centuries later, pieces of ancient treasure maps were found by you and your fellow treasure hunters.

Do you have the correct pieces of the map? Do the other players have matching pieces to help you find a route to the treasure?

And...will you be able to get rid of the curse?

The player who finds the best balance between cooperating and competing, together with the right timing of actions, and a bit of luck, wins the game by having the most valuable treasures and breaking the curse of Loot Island!

By Aaron Haag, illustrated by Mariano Iannelli, 2017

Railroad Revolution

America in the 19th Century. By passing the Pacific Railroad Acts through Congress, the US government opened up the interior of the continent to a number of railroad companies. The race was on to cross the Great Plains and the Continental Divide and create a truly united United States of America.

You are the head of a small railroad company on the East Coast, competing with rival companies to expand your rail network to the west.

The Railroad Revolution has begun!

By Marco Canetta & Stefania Niccolini, illustrated by Mariano Iannelli, 2016


Japan during the Meiji Era — a closed, isolated, and feudal country, — decides to change into a modern westernized state. The Empire sends emissaries to foreign nations, brings technicians and scholars from the west, builds a network of railroads, and achieves an outstandingly fast industrial revolution.

Nippon is a fast-paced economic game with challenging decisions in which players oversee the birth of a new great nation.

By Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro & Paulo Soledade, illustrated by Mariano Iannelli, 2015


In Signorie, you will play the role of a Signore, a Lord of one of the most prestigious families of the Renaissance.

Italy during the 15th century was a country full of intrigue and magnificence. The tumultuous political conditions created the perfect breeding ground for the birth of a new form of government (called Signoria) and the rise of the most ambitious noble families. After having acted in the dark for a long time, the time has finally come for them to take control of the cities and shape Italy’s future. Their stories will go down in history.

By Andrea Chiarvesio & Pierluca Zizzi, illustrated by Mariano Iannelli, 2015


Around 230 B.C., the ambitious king of Qin, Ying Zheng, unified China, adding all the other so-called Warring States (ZhanGuo) to his empire and became the first emperor in Chinese history. In ZhanGuo, you are the emperor's emissaries, and you have been assigned the challenging task of contributing to the process of unifying the empire, helping to build the wall and creating new infrastructure.

By Marco Canetta, Stefania Niccolini, illustrated by Mariano Iannelli, 2014


The island of Madeira was discovered in the 15th century by Portuguese seafarers and with its rich resources and strategic position has been crucial for what would become the Portuguese Empire. In the game, you are tasked to develop the eponymous island for the Crown. You are tasked to settle the three captaincies of Funchal, Machico and Porto Santo, open trade routes, barter with the local guilds, start expeditions and produce Madeiras famous wine.

By Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade, illustrated by Mariano Iannelli, 2013