Madeira - Pearl of the Atlantic

The island of Madeira was discovered in the 15th century by Portuguese seafarers and with its rich resources and strategic position has been crucial for what would become the Portuguese Empire. In the game, you are tasked to develop the eponymous island for the Crown. You are tasked to settle the three captaincies of Funchal, Machico and Porto Santo, open trade routes, barter with the local guilds, start expeditions and produce Madeiras famous wine.

By Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade, illustrated by Mariano Iannelli


Changing times

Madeira's fertile soil was first exploited for wheat plantations. Later, when Henrique the Navigator decided to develop the economy of the Empire, sugar became the islands' core business - at least until sugar also was produced in as Africa and Brazil. Then, profits from sugar were no longer acceptable, and production of the now very famous Madeira wine began and became it's primary source of wealth. Players try to adapt themselves to these changing requirements, trying to produce the right goods as well as harvesting precious wood, essential for erecting new structures in the cities and for building ships. In turn, the ships become crucial for trading in foreign markets, as well as for taking part in new expeditions to discover new markets.


Time your decisions

The player's ultimate goal is to develop the Island, gaining the most prestige under and for the Portuguese Crown - which has a has a series of requests regarding expeditions, urbanization, opening trade routes, increasing wealth, and controlling the guilds on the islands. Several times in the game, the players gain prestige for fulfilling certain requests by the Crown. Between that, the Crown oversees that the islands adapt to the focus of their agriculture due to the changes in the known world's economy.

Players must carefully choose the correct moment to present their achievements to the crown. Be overly eager and you will not gain as much prestige, be too humble and you will risk someone else stealing the best opportunities. Will you have what it takes to excel in all of these endeavors? Beware, wood and wheat may become scarce, gold may run out, the population is hungry, and the shadow of piracy looms large….

House sigils


As the economy of Madeira flourishes, the guilds are expanding and sending ambassadors to distant countries to strengthen their influence. Madeira: The Ambassadors enriches the game with four new guild favors that are all related to the colonies, bringing new strategies to interacting with them.

As of 1st of July 2014, Madeira's Micro Expansion "The Ambassadors" is available. To use it, the game base game is required.

Madeira Expansion


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