Madeira Expansion

Madeira will never be the same. With this modular expansion you can add new challenges to your game of Madeira. You may combine the modules in any way you choose to and personalize your gaming experience. One thing is for sure, no game will ever be the same and the challenge will increase. Do you have what it takes?

This expansion contains four expansion modules for the game Madeira. To use them, a copy of the game Madeira is required.

They can be played individually or combined.

By Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade, illustrated by Mariano Iannelli


Module 1 - A new beginning

A New Beginning is a new way to setup Madeira, allowing each player to start with a different personal approach. A display of tiles give players money, farmers, position in the cities, bread, goods, and a starting King’s Demand. Will you choose to start with more money or a larger range of goods? Which cities or lands will you begin your journey from? Each one of these choices is made in a constantly changing turn order determined by your previously chosen setup tile, which means a better choosing tile now will result in you being later in turn order for the next choice. Organise the best starting strategy you can, compromise here and there and find the perfect mix to approach the game with a winning plan. Big decisions start now, the game begins before you even start to play!


Module 2 - Capitanias

New cards give crucial relevance to your strength in the Regions. They give you powers and benefits that will help achieve your goals, but only if you have the right number of workers in the Regions and only during the round you played the card. Make sure you play the right card at the right time, the card that creates the perfect synergy between its power and your main plan for this round. Next round is going to be different, with a new card, a new dynamic, and a new benefit. Due to the requirements on the cards, you will need to shift your focus from one region to another each round, making the game more dynamic. Drafting five cards for five rounds encourages you to make a long-term plan specific to those cards from the beginning and makes for a different game each time you play. Your story is in your hands!


Module 3 - King’s Demands

With the new King’s Demands players can build new strategies and the tension in the gameplay grows. Having ships in the markets or in the colonies, settling in the cities, getting wealthy, or influencing the guilds are still the main purposes of the game, but they alone are no longer enough. The King challenges you now with 30 new unique tasks, and if you want him to recognise your value, you must perform better, proving yourself with more challenging and more specific demands. Choices are more crucial now than ever. The right King’s Demand puts you on the path to victory!


Module 4 - New Roles

A new complete set of five characters is included in this module, bringing a new look to the way players approach the gameplay. They offer players new patterns and ways to interact with the characters and with the other players. Each dice placement is key to pursuing your strategy as each one of the characters offers three precious bonuses, given on a first-come, first-served basis. You may wish to rush to secure your position and guarantee the bonus you want, preventing others from getting it. Be aware of the pirates though! Power and wealth attract more pirates and not only can the new Corsair Die block your preferred bonus, but the new Pirate Ship and Pirate Citizen can make you tally more pirates at the end of each round, if you don’t plan carefully.